Merch Nation is the home of NFT merch. All of the designs you see on our store are owned by NFT collectors or projects who have staked their assets within Artlink (http://artlink.network/), our staking platform. The large share of the royalties from any sales go back to the owners of the NFTs, monetising their assets while allowing them to share the art they own with the world.

If you’d like to find out more, have your project listed in Artlink so it can be sold on Merch Nation, or just have a question, reach out to us at hello@artlink.network


We do this by leveraging licensed NFT technology thanks to our integration with Artlink – a general purpose NFT licensing protocol. Find out more about Artlink here.


Thanks to our partnership with Customer’s Canvas, we enable any user to either select a licensed NFT via Artlink or their own NFT from their wallet and use it to design custom merch


Merch Nation prides itself in taking a “think global, act local” approach to fulfillment, placing an emphasis on quality and customer service by partnering with long-standing print on demand factories across Australia, the UK and USA to begin with and expanding to include global fulfilment via Gelato and Custom Gateway eventually.